Sustainable Development Plan Brussels 2020-40

How can we co-create the sustainable development plan of Brussels?

Luxembourg in Transition

How can we use soil and people as the foundation for a national transition?

Circular Economy Houthalen-Helchteren

How can we work towards a circular business park?

Brownfield best-practices

How can we share knowledge about brownfield development?

Urban Forests

How can we bridge the gap between forestry and urban planning?

Behavioral Study 1 - Compact living

How can we live more compact in Flanders?

Positive energy districts

How can we manage uncertainty in positive energy district design?

Energy landscapes OVK-Waas

How can we cooperatively shape the energy transition at a regional level?

Toolbox 'City Trees'

How can we grow networks of trees throughout the city?


How can we put a region back on the mental map?

Climate Adaptation Strategy Antwerp

How can we co-create a climate adaptation strategy for a metropolis?

Climate Adaptation East Flanders

How can we design actions for climate adaptation together with municipalities?

Behavioral Study 2 - Transport and Facilities

How can we better understand behavioural choices in relation to facilities?


How can we repurpose an unnecessary airport?

Behavioral Study 3 - Living Influencers

How can we influence the living behaviour in Flanders?

Transport Region Kempen

How can we make a sustainable shift in mobility?

Energy Transition Pajottenland

How can we tailor the energy transition to a landscape?

Softening the Playground Study

How can we help schools to sustainably redevelop their playgrounds?